Imagine yourself like a celebrity!


A Vogue Party is a fun, creative, personalized event for women to experience the beauty treatment normally reserved for those seen in magazines, on the catwalk, or on TV. 

In an atmosphere of laughter, excitement and anticipation, guests receive personal attention for hair, make-up and accessorizing in preparation for their own professional photo-shoot. 

The evening culminates with guests watching a slide-show presentation of their beautiful, vogue style photographs.

Vogue Party is a transformational event that continues in the sharing of beautiful photographs with family and friends.

"I absolutely love your studio space! It is the perfect space to let everyone get the "studio" experience of a fashion model photo shoot. It was such a pleasure to spend time with my friends and watch them shine at Kathy's Vogue Party. You have a great thing going. I love it every time!" —Heather

"Wow! Seeing my images up close and watching the reactions of my co-workers... I feel unbelievably awesome! I am so excited to send them to my family to try to narrow it down - it's going to be tough!  Gosh this has been so much fun! Thank you!" —Sarah

"Conquering my fear of having my picture taken has been on my bucket list!  It was a very real fear and it meant so much that you understood and had other customers who felt the same.  You made me feel so comfortable! I am thrilled to be hosting a Vogue Party of my own!" —Kathy

"I was nervous and apprehensive of how things would go but I felt beautiful, like a model. It didn't take long to notice that Carol is an experienced artist. The finished photos were a boost to my self confidence and made me feel really good about myself!" —Teri


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A FEW of the details

Vogue Parties are for up to eight guests and are facilitated by a hostess. The hostess must be available to meet with the photographer three weeks prior to the Vogue Party for her own photo shoot at which she receives a make-over, styling and photographic images that the Vogue Party staff will use in creating Vogue Party invites for her friends. This session requires a  non-refundable deposit of $225. If the Vogue Party is cancelled the deposit goes towards the photo shoot. The hostess will receive her images on the night of the Vogue Party. All Vogue Parties are held at the Vogue Party Studio under the supervision of the staff. Guests must RSVP to the hostesses party no later than one week prior to the event. The cost for each guest is $65 for which they receive a reserved spot on the guest list, make-up, styling assistance and a professional photo session.  The hostess is responsible for providing food and drink at the party.  Each guest must sign a copyright release letter.